Town Bukittinggi is one of the Area Mount II in West Sumatra province, Indonesia. This wide of Town of region 25,24 km² and populate counted more or less 100.000 people. Its needs 2 hours to go to Bukitinggi from Padang. Bukittinggi encircled by three mounts such as Singgalang mount, Marapi mount and Sago mount

Town representing town birth of Bung Hatta, is a cultural town in West Sumatra and famous with Jam Gadang which represent Bukittinggi town symbol.
Besides owning tourism object potency, town have this cold atmosphere to represent one of the especial target area in the field of commerce in Sumatra island. Bukittinggi have known as by old of center sale of correct convection of him reside in Pasar Aur Kuning .


Ahmad Yani, main street in Bukittinggi
During governance of Dutch, Bukittinggi is always improved by its role in civic, from Gemetelyk Resort what is called pursuant to Stbl year 1828. Dutch have founded its defense citadel in the year 1825, what hitherto the defense citadel of draught there is still known as by Fortress Fort De Kock. This Town have been used also by Dutch as resort.

At a period of governance of Japan, Bukittinggi made as governmental operation center of its military for the area of Sumatra, even to Singapore and Thailand, because here domicile Military commandant to 25. At a period of/to this Bukittinggi have change name to from Taddsgemente Fort Kock de become Bukittinggi The Yes Sho ku which is its area is extended by including Sianok , Gadut, Kapau, Ampang, Batu Taba and gua Batabuah now all the things nowadays stay in Immeasurable Sub-Province area, in this Town also Japan army found biggest radio broadcaster for the island of Sumatra in order to fly the spirit of people to support importance fight Great Asia East of Jepang.
At a period to struggle independence of RI, Bukitinggi personate struggle town. From December 1948 up to June 1949, Bukittinggi showed as capital of Governance of Emergency Republic Of Indonesia (PDRI), after Yogyakarta fall into the hands of Dutch. Hereinafter Bukittinggi have become Sumatra provincial capital with its governor of Tengku Muhammad Hasan. Then PERPU no. 4 year 1959, Bukittinggi specified as capital of Middle Sumatra covering West Sumatra place, Jambi And Riau which now each that place have come to province alone.

Geographically located Bukittinggi among 100,210 – 100,250BT degree an among 00.760 – 00,190 LS degree with height 909 – 941 metre above sea level, cool weather with temperature range from min 16,10 – 24,90 max.

Bukittinggi have epithet as “Kota Wisata” because many of tourism object which there are in this town. Ngarai Sianok Dale represent one of the especial tourism object. Garden Panorama which located in conducive Bukittinggi town of tourist to see Ngarai Sianok panoramic view panoramic beauty. In Garden Panorama also there are cave of exmilitary cache of World War II Japan so called as Lobang Jepang.

In Garden Bundo Kanduang there are functioning Colossal House replica as museum culture of Minangkabau, connective Fort Kock de fortress and zoo by overpass of is so-called Jembatan Limpapeh. Overpass Limpapeh reside in to the Street A. Yani representing main road in Bukittinggi town

Pasar Atas is nearby Jam Gadang which represent center bustle of town. In Pasar Atas the which is crowded always there are a lot of seller crafting of typical present snack and bordir of West Sumatra like made Kerupuk Sanjai from cassava, and also Kerupuk Jangek made from cow or buffalo and Karak Kaliang, of a kind typical snack of Bukittinggi which in form of like number 8.

Maninjau Lake located about 36 km or about 45 journey minute with car from Bukittinggi town. Geographically, Bukittinggi, consist of hill.

And at the moment have also been woke up by modern shopping centre in bukittinggi.
Hotel which there are in Bukittinggi town among The Hills (previous of Novotel), Hotel Pusako, and other hotels.


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